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Can men wear heels?


High heels are mostly worn by women. Although most girls wear them, some high heels are also worn by men.

The women wear heels because they flex the calve, tightened the thigh, and tend to lift her buttocks. All of these in combination make an attractive woman even more alluring to men, accentuate a woman’s sexuality, a feminine look. These are things that men find seductive in women.
Since most women want to conque men, or at least enjoy looking as attractive as possible, the practice of wearing high heels is entirely based on very human desire to attract the opposite sex. And men in their own way do the same.

Many men aren’t that tall, they are shorter than their woman. So some men wear elevator shoes (with a wedge-shaped piece hidden in the shoe to make them taller). While men wanting to add a few extra inches in the height department is nothing new, it seems a “subtle” lift just won’t do anymore. The passion for heels is more about function than style.
But the new wave of men turning to high heels has nothing to do with height. Most of those who buy cuban heels are actually pretty tall already. Besides being taller, there are men who wear heels for aesthetics reasons. These men as women are choosing heels…to feel good!

Men should be allowed to wear heels since it was originally and historically made for them. In 17th century men wore them as a sign of high status. The first high heels also were worn by Persian warriors on horseback. High heels had a functionality aside from fashion, it was used to help get a step on the horse more easily. In Dallas, Texas men in cowboy boots with two or three-inch heels are the norm. This is culturally acceptable. The same heel in a man’s loafer would not be acceptable, socially. High heels that are designed for men not the same kinds women wear.
Why men can’t wear heels? For a number of reasons: it’s not “manly”, they don’t look good in them, heels are too painful for them, they can’t walk in them, they’re afraid of what others will say about them. But some brave men already tried a pair of boots with a big chunky heel and have got a lot more attention from the ladies. They discovered stylish look! Even though men have the freedom to do so always, can wear high heels – they don’t. The reason is convention, tradition, the current state of the fashion world. It is not the fashion?

Fashion/fitting with society is extremely important for humans. Due to evolution of styling for women, all kind of shoes from narrow to wide, low to high, basic to exciting, plain to colourful came into existence and acceptance. Women were supposed to experiment and try n look different and more fashionable.
While men were contained with simple colorless shoes which are more functional than fashionable. Men had been ignored by the fashion industry. Without going into all the theories why this might be the case, the end result is that our society associates solid, stable, functional clothing styles with men.
Only recently the fashion industry has turned their focus on men. This became the accepted norm, with now changing trends, more block and chucky heels are available for men and soon, may be, men will have stilletos in their shoe section as well. If it looks good, and I look good in it, I wear it? Do i limit myself based on some socially-constructed idea of what men and women are supposed to do and wear?

Learning to walk, run and do usual work in heels will also evolve and hence, next generation of men would be seen wearing all kind of fashionable items including heels and skirts and dresses and makeup.

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