Alessi Dressed Serving board


Outlet Cuccalofferta

Serving Board
Design Marcel Wanders
Cod. MW22
Second choice (almost perfect, just without box!)

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Alessi Dressed Serving board

bandiera_eng Alessi Dressed Wood
The personal breakfast board is part of the progect “Dressed in wood”.
Material: natural, beech wood, shaped by artisans.
Measurements: 62 X 20,5 cm (24″ X 8″)
Item NEW and original but second choice (means can be little imperfections).
Amost perfect, just without box.

bandiera_it Alessi Dressed Wood
Tagliere fa parte del progetto “Dressed in wood”.
Materiale: naturale, lavorato artigianalmente, il legno di faggio.
Misura: 62 X 20, 5 cm
Prodotto NUOVO e originale, ma seconda scelta (praticamente perfetto, senza scatola).
Prezzo listino 68 euro.

bandiera_ru Alessi Dressed Wood
Доска разделочная/ для завтраков. Серия “Dressed in wood”.
Материал: бук. Размер: 62 Х 20,5 cm
Изделие новое без коробки. Произведено в Италии.