Alessi Square Tray Opposition


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Tray 35×35 cm
Design Lei Zhang
Cod. LZ01
Second choice (means with little imperfections, just without box)

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Alessi Square Tray Opposition

bandiera_eng Alessi Square Tray Opposition, a play of volumes in 18/10 stainless steel. Also suitable as mat.
Size: 35×35 cm.
Item NEW and original without box, second choice
(it means with very little, almost not visible defects)

bandiera_it  Alessi Square Tray Opposition.
Vassoio quadrato, un gioco di volumi in acciaio inossidabile 18/10.
Si può utilizzare anche come sottopiatto.
DIMENSIONI: 35×35 cm.
Prodotto NUOVO e originale senza scatola, di seconda scelta (praticamente perfetto)!!!



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