Loro Piana Bag


Loro Piana Sale Bag Lady
Isy Polo Calf Odessa – Cod. FAF0038 B59D

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Loro Piana Bag

bandiera_eng Loro Piana Bag
Bag lady. Material: calf leather Odessa. Elegant accessory with refined design.
Perfect for the city. Can be carried by hand or worn over one shoulder.
Every Loro Piana bag is cut by hand and requires a painstaking process.
Each bag is individuai and unique and could never be associated with any industrial production.
Any small imperfections or slight differences in colour
should be seen as a guarantee of the absolute naturalness of the product.
Measurements: 35 X 35 X 12 cm (14″ X 14″ X 12″).
Leather pocket inside attached to the border,
featuring a slim removable pouch in the same material as the bag.
Item new and original with tag, with dust bag.
First price was 1800 euro.

bandiera_it Loro Piana Sale Borsa Lady
Borsa Loro Piana, realizzata in pelle Odessa
Lavorata senza finissaggi artificiali in superficie.
Può essere utilizzata come borsa da città portata a mano e a spalla.
Misura: 35 X 35 X 12 cm.
Prodotto NUOVO e originale con etichetta.

bandiera_ru Loro Piana Sale Bag Lady
Сумка из кожи. Вместительная и удобная. Размер 35 X 35 X 12 cm
В дополнение отстегивающийся кошелек синего цвета,
фиксируется внутри сумки отстегивающимся тонким ремешком.
Изделие новое с этикеткой. Произведено в Италии.