Loro Piana Coat Brown

Soft Double Brest Baby
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Loro Piana Coat Brown

bandiera_eng Loro Piana Coat Brown
Double-brested coat da uomo. Crafted from baby cashmere fabric.
Rare, super-soft cashmere is obtained from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids.
An esclusive, very refined coat for city dressing.
Colour: brown but becomes military dark green with natural light.
Size available: 58 IT = 48 UK = XXXL;
Measurements (XXXL): Shoulders 55 cm;
Length of sleeves  72 cm; Armpit to armpit  67 cm;
Total length 103 cm
Material: 100% baby cashmere, lining 100% polyester.
Details: suede goatskin.
Item NEW and original with tag. First price was 4800 euro.

bandiera_it Loro Piana Cappotto doppiopetto realizzato in tessuto di baby cashmere.
Elegante, prezioso e di gusto cittadino. Colore: marrone/ verde militare
Materiale: baby cashmere. Interno: polyester. Particolari: capra scamosciata.
Prodotto nuovo e originale con etichetta.

bandiera_ru Loro Piana Coat Brown
Пальто, беби кашемир, супер мягкий. Детали – замша
Цвет – коричневый, но при естественном освещении приобретает темно-зеленый оттенок.
Изделие новое с этикеткой.