Loro Piana Fabric Outdoor Jacket


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Loro Piana Fabric Outdoor Jacket

bandiera_eng Loro Piana Fabric Outdoor Jacket. Material: 100% wool.
Rain system (rain protection treatment).
Measurements: Length 220 cm (87 inches). Width 150 cm (59 inches)
Prodused using the most select wools from Australia,
the ideal habitat for the merino sheep whose fleece
consists of extremely fine fibres.
Item NEW and original with tag. Made in Italy.

bandiera_it Loro Piana fabric Tessuto giacca
Materiale: 100% lana. Trattamento Rain system.
Misura scampolo: Lunghezza 220 cm; Larghezza 150 cm
Prodotto NUOVO e originale con etichetta.

bandiera_ru Loro Piana Wool Fabric
Ткань для жакета (мини пальто). Состав: шерсть. Обработка – защита от дождя.
Длина отреза – 220 см, ширина – 150 см Произведено в Италии
Ткань новая с этикеткой.