Loro Piana Spring Jacket

Short Traveller New Tecno Cod. FAD9200 D528

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Loro Piana Spring Jacket

bandiera_eng Loro Piana Spring Jacket
Casual outer jacket da uomo. Designed for travel. Straight cut and soft fit.
Lightweight and crease -resistant. Drawstring waist for adjusting fit and volume of the jacket.
Detachable hood. Adjustable cuffs. Material: 56% cotton + 44% polyester. Details in suede goatskin.
Size: 54 IT = 44 UK = XL USA; 56 IT = 46 UK = XXL USA; 58 IT = 48 UK = XXXL USA
Measurements (XL/ XXL/ XXXL). Item NEW and original with tag.
First price was 1 390 euro.

bandiera_it Loro Piana Mens Jacket
Giubotto da uomo. Versione in cotone e poliestere.
Misure disponibili: 54/ 56/ 58 IT Lunghezza al fianco.
Perfetto in primavera. Prodotto nuovo e originale con etichetta.

bandiera_ru Loro Piana Mens Jacket
Куртка легкая из хлопка и полиэстера Размеры в наличии: 54/ 56/ 58
Изделие новое с этикеткой. Произведено в Италии.