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Ready-to-wear, Made-to-measure or Bespoke?


RTW, MTM, bespoke or tailored…mmmm…These abbreviations seem very fashion and exclusive. But what is the difference between ready-to-wear, made-to-measure and bespoke?

What is Ready-to-wear (RTW ). It is a mass-producted wear. Style and cut is already chosen by designer. Usually brands give you numerous models and intersting offers. You can try suit in shop and to take it at home immediately. You can buy a good tailleur for 500 euro by Angelico or by Cerruti, italian factories that produce fabrics and men’s cloth.
A lot of RTW suitmakers are very attentive with quality of fabric, finishing and details (hand-sewn buttonholes or hand-padded chest) that can be appreciated. You must only find the right brand.
Unfortunately, RTW can fit well in some areas and may be short or long, loose or tight in others. A suit is built from the shoulders. If the shoulders are constructed well, the rest will follow. Slight problems can be modifed. Ready-to-wear suit altered by a good tailor fits as well as a Made-to-measure of the same price.

What is Made-to -measure (MTM). It is like RTW but made with your personal dimensions (neck, shoulders, chest, arms, back, waist). The MTM wardrobe of Ermenegildo Zegna, for example, includes not only formal but also casual and outwear. At first, you visit the boutique and choose fabric (it is possible to find also an exclusive fabrics. Ermenegildo Zegna offers their iconic fabrics as Trofeo, High Performance, 15milmil15.).
Then you decide about cut and details (type of collar, cuffs, buttons). The salesman takes your personal dimensions and you will receive the suit after some weeks. Often price is not much more than RTW. But sometimes the high quality levels are like bespoke. But will it fit perfectly? You must remember that a salesman is not a tailor.

What is Bespoke or Tailored.
Bespoke suit is built for you. Your individual garment. Any style, any material and handmade by tailor. How many fabric do you need? For men’s casual jacket we suggest 2,2 -2,5 mt. For men’s tailleur 3,5 mt. Fabric cut comes with tag that will be put on your garment. You discuss with your tailor about ideas. A good tailor with experience helps to client with choice of style. The tailor takes your measurements with a lot of details. After 2-3 fittings, each a few weeks apart, you suit will be ready. It must fit perfectly and be more comfortable. But it takes time and it is expensive.

All what you need is…
Really, what do you need? If you are in the search of fashion design and famous tag for reasonable price, take Ready-to-wear. If you want to personalise your suit, take Made-to-measure. If you wish a comfort fit and a highest quality, choose Bespoke