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Ready-to-wear, Made-to-measure or Bespoke?

RTW, MTM, bespoke or tailored…mmmm…These abbreviations seem very fashion and exclusive. But what is the difference between ready-to-wear, made-to-measure and bespoke? What is Ready-to-wear (RTW ). It is a mass-producted wear. Style and cut is already chosen by designer. Usually brands give you numerous models and intersting offers. You can try suit in shop and […]

baby cashmere

What is the difference between baby cashmere and traditional cashmere?

Baby Cashmere is extremely rare and precious and…more expensive. It is obtained from baby goats. The fibre is gathered by combing procedure, only once in a goat’s life (from three to twelve months old) This cashmere is available in limited quantities: 80 grams of soft down from one baby goat (adult goat prodices 250 grams). After deahiring […]


Can men wear heels?

High heels are mostly worn by women. Although most girls wear them, some high heels are also worn by men. The women wear heels because they flex the calve, tightened the thigh, and tend to lift her buttocks. All of these in combination make an attractive woman even more alluring to men, accentuate a woman’s […]


Salvatore Ferragamo…Passion for shoes

Grand passion for shoes and grand craftsmanship. Salvatore Ferragamo was working for some of the most famous feet in Hollywood, so was known as the “shoemaker to the stars”. The Ferragamo’s creations…Since 1930‘s Salvatore Ferragamo patented his first invention in the world of fashion. His strong but light cork wedge, recreated in many different materials […]


Always the best prices!

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Sunglasses make the outfit. First of all a bare face is often more lovingly embraced. In addition minimalism of the make­up in season 2016 is balanced with maximalism of what you wear on your face, from the jewelry to the eyewear. As a result it is the oversized that rules for the summer! And we see at MaxMara impressive volumes […]


Sapper for Alessi…design, elegance and engineering

Richard Sapper was one of the most important industrial designer of our age. Who has died aged 83, 31 December 2015 He has combined the rationality and technical virtuosity of German design and engineering with the flair and elegance of Italian styling. One of Sapper’s most important clients was  Alessi, for which he designed many items. Perhaps the most famous […]

the Biella textile district

The Biella textile district

The Biella textile district is one of the most important area, in Italy, where fabrics and yarns are realized.  The Biella textile district has specialized, in recent years, in the production of fabrics and yarn excellence using materials as traditional wool and noble fibers. In this way, companies have moved to a high-end market by offering the […]


Missoni Home: a philosophy

Life choiches and lifestyles lie behind the Missoni Home project, which over the years has changed and expanded from fabrics to furnishings. It’s like a building in costant evolution. According to Rosita’s creative philosophy, “…the home is alive. It’s constantly evolving and never finished”. Her personal vision of the home atmosphere and furnishings has coloured […]