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What is the difference between baby cashmere and traditional cashmere?

baby cashmere

Baby Cashmere is extremely rare and precious and…more expensive. It is obtained from baby goats.

The fibre is gathered by combing procedure, only once in a goat’s life (from three to twelve months old)
This cashmere is available in limited quantities: 80 grams of soft down from one baby goat (adult goat prodices 250 grams). After deahiring coarser outer fibres, is reduced to 30-40 usable grams.

So it takes the fleece of 19 baby goats to make one sweater, the fleece of 58 kids to make an overcoat.
Kid’s cashmere is much finer: the average diameter of each fibre is about 13-13.5 micron. Each fibre of the best traditional cashmere is about 14,5 micron.

As a result – incredible lightness and softness.

But not all can notice the difference between traditional cashmere and baby cashmere. Often only a true expert can understand it.
It is good to point out that the term baby cashmere is sometimes used for cashmere wool that has not been woven or processed before. In this case, the wool can come from an adult cashmere goat.

In order to ensure that you are buying genuine baby cashmere, you should strictly look at reputed cashmere manufacturers such as Loro Piana that was the first to develop baby cashmere and holds the trademark for the name.